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The New Start Foundation

To promote a solid educational foundation  for the next generation. We are devoted to making a difference in local communities. Our ambition is to Motivate, Educate, and Inspire the youth; especially those who live with special needs! Children are the future, embracing them and teaching social skills to advance is our goal! Raising disorder awareness while bringing the community together annually to celebrate one another is the best way to stay connected while sharing our growth together. Common disorders may contain some of the following but is not limited to:





-Cerebral Palsy


-Clinical Depression


-Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

While new cases are discovered every single day we evolve in learning to provide disease prevention education and awareness for those who have been affected or have loved ones who battle both disease and disorder obstacles.  Healing is a journey that needs time, everyone has a story to tell and a role to play! We are thankful for our full-time volunteers, we gladly also cater to our retired educators, elderly disabled, and Military veterans. A  huge number of our United States veterans are homeless, we create a safe nourishing atmosphere in the homeless communities while raising awareness and providing housing for those who complete our step program. Ask about our safe haven for women and children if you or someone you know is in danger or need a safe place. Subscribe today and become apart of this New Start! You are family to us, and as we grow around the world you will be a huge part of that change.  

The New Start Scholarship

The New Start Foundation Scholarship is open to students pursuing studies at Historical Black Colleges (HBCU). 

We understand that because of various learning disabilities some students will never receive academic scholarships for college. We offer scholarships between $500-$1,500 to assist with expenses after high school graduation. Candidates must write a 1000 word essay about why they chose to attend a (HBCU) and what it means to their future.  All essays must be submitted to by January 2021.  Include (Scholarship) in the subject to assure that your email(s) is not marked as spam. Lastly add us to your emailing list for updates.

Our non-profit raises awareness, promotes clean, healthy neighborhoods, while building strong leaders.  Help us continue our journey, partner with us!